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English Translations of Thai News Stories

This page contains translations of Thai news stories. They are pretty much picked at random as I come across them. I hope to add more as time permits.
Many of the stories come from Thailand's Thairath newspaper, which is a bit like the UK's Sun newspaper and contains a lot of 'blood, guts and gore' stories. The stories provide a peek into Thai society and offer a view that is often hidden from foreigners since many of these stories don't make it into the English press.
I hope you find them interesting.

1. Leo Beer Calender Model Dow Paratee killed in Car Crash with Electricity Pole.

- News article from Thairath of the 12th March 2010 reporting the tragic and untimely death of the Thai model Dao Paratee who was killed in a car crash in March 2010. She'd worked in the Thai fashion industry and starred in some Western films too.

2. Wife Shoots Philandering Husband Dead.

- News article from Thairath of the 18th May 2011 reporting the story of a Thai wife driven to shooting her philandering husband dead.

3. Amazing Calf Born with 3 Eyes and 2 Noses.

- News article from Khaosod of the 01st July 2011 reporting the story of an amazing calf born with 3 eyes and 2 noses in Thailand's Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

4. Tragic Death of German Man after over-use of Mosquito Repellent.

- Strange story this one from Thairath of 19/08/11. German man found dead with cuts on his body, but mosquito repellant is blamed for the death even before an autopsy's been performed.

5. Perverted Old Monk Has Sex With Pregnant Dog.

- Thailand's very own version of Freddie Starr ate my hamster from the Daily News of 06th Nov 2009. Is it true? You decide.

Please send any comments and corrections here.

Page last updated Dec 2020

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